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Company News

Popular digital conical curling wand


Company History : Established in 1992,“TAIZHOU HUADI Beauty &Barber Co.,Ltd.”,legitimate business so far,is upgraded to Taizhou Huadi Electrlc Co,. Ltd. in May 2013 as a professional manufacturer of HAIR DRYERs and CURLING IRONs.

Professional : Professional Production of AC MOTOR professional use hair dryer and curling iron with temperature adjustable.To achieve customers’needs according to requirements of different countries,different customers and different functions etc.

Quality : A number of professional engineers, technicians and professional inspection and testing devices.The company slogan“Don’t let go a unqualified product”.

Price : “Genuine goods at a fair price, Small profit but quick returns,Trustworthiness business.”

Certification : GS, CB, CE, RoHS, CCC,SAA, cETLus,ERP,INMETRO,ISO management system etc.

Brand : "Haudi " was named the credibility of enterprise and registered in domestic and international.

Aim : “Trustworthiness business,Quality assurance,Genuine goods at a fair price,long terms or cooperation,and Developing together.”

Security : Stable protection to Quality and Human strictly according to ISO management and Social Responsibility System.

Traffic : Company is located in Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province,China.6km fromTaizhou Airport,7km from Taizhou Railway station,and 1 km from Taizhou South high-speed road exit, it’s a convenient business area.Welcome the visit of domestic and foreign guests.